Single Parents Homes

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The question has always been asked: Do children who grow up in single-parent home grow up to be well-adjusted children, teenagers, and adults. There are many differing opinions pertaining to children who have been raised in single parent households opposed to those who have been raised in a two parent home. Although many children grow up with only one parent, they are not deprived of love, stability and success. I do believe that children who grow up in single-parent home are mature, more responsible and independent (Single-parents homes). I can remember growing up in a single-parent home. It was just my mom and I, nevertheless, over all my childhood years was good. My mom worked and she always made sure I had everything I needed and some of the things I wanted. Growing up with just my mom has made me more mature because I had to do some things for myself. For example, when I got home from school, mom would still be at work, therefore, I was in control of when to do my homework. I would come home, fix me a snack and immediately do my homework. My mom instilled in me how important education was as well as my homework must be completed by the time she made it home. My mom would check my homework as soon as she got home and started dinner. Learning how to be mature at an early age has helped me to develop some skills that have helped me in my schooling, social life, family life and career. Another factory I think about when growing up in a single-parent family is that kids in single parent families tend to become independent faster than other kids. My mom worked and had other things to tend to, I was taught how to do things for myself such as fix a snack or finish a chore. Doing these things taught me how to do things for myself as well as learn how to help my mom. My mom made sure I recognized the value of my contribution and this develops pride in my work. My
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