Defending Divorce Essay

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Explain and Defend: Divorce Azusa Pacific University Abstract This essay will be defending a controversial decision I have made to an observer. I will attempt to explain and defend my decision to get a divorce from the man I was married to for ten years. I will be directing this essay to my family, of which some were not in agreement with what I had decided. Most of all it will be directed towards my two sons, who at the time of my divorce were too young to understand why a decision like that had to be made. Divorce is never an easy decision to make but sometimes a necessary one. Explain and Defend: Divorce To my family: “Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy is staying in an unhappy marriage” a quote from the website If only I had seen this years ago before my divorce, when I was desperately trying to convince myself to stay for all the wrong reasons. There was so much guilt that I experienced when trying to make this decision, especially when there were children involved. I could see the disappointment in your eyes when you asked “What about the children?”. My response to you was what about me, what about what I was going through? Am I not just as important as they are? For one day could you try and put yourself in my shoes? Every person on this earth has the God given right to be happy, so why would you expect me to stay in a marriage that has lost its love. A marriage cannot work if all parties involved do not feel the same. A marriage cannot work if respect is one sided. There are so many reasons I could give you, but it all boils down to being unhappy. When a person is unhappy for a long time, they start to slowly lose sight of who they are. Then one day you wake up and you no longer feel like you are yourself anymore. I would never ask anyone to stay in that kind of relationship, so why would you expect me to? So I ask
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