Critique Of Barbara GrahamS The Future Of Love

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Critique of Barbara Graham’s “The Future of Love” In her essay, “The Future of Love: Kiss Romance Goodbye. It’s Time for the Real Thing,” author Barbara Graham touches upon the delicate subject of love, and its recent union with marriage. Graham’s assessment has quite a few valid points, yet, there are still some aspects that can be disputed. Graham claims that the union of love and marriage should be reconsidered, due to the fact that today many marriages end in divorce. But even if this is the case, it still does not apply to everyone, due to there being many couples who stay together for many years, even lifetimes. The fact that she arrived to this conclusion, can be attributed to the fact that she only analyzed this subject from an American point of view. She never considered the cases of arranged marriages, where in these cases the participants eventually grow into each other, and may eventually end up genuinely loving each other. As stated before, Graham did have some points that seemed to ring true, the contradiction that love is one big fairytale for instance. She was dean on about the fact that people do not live happily ever after. Graham also claimed that love could be nothing more than a biological experience, a rush of different chemicals, which make people exhibit their behavior. Being that many people believe that love is something that is totally out of their control, Graham’s belief seems to hold some truth. In “The Future of Love,” Barbara Graham discusses the union of love and marriage, and how it they fail to coexist. Graham claims that people are drawn to believe that love and marriage should naturally go together, but she didn’t consider the fact that people get together solely based on the physical aspects of things. Her assessment had many valid and disputable points, quite like any other opinionated
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