Death of a Salesman / Oedipus Rex - Comparative Analysis (Essay Structure)

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S-COPY COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS | QUESTION "A tragic situation exists precisely when virtue does not triumph but when it is still felt that man is nobler than the forces which destroy him." George OrwellHow far do you agree, citing examples from Oedipus and DOAS? | Understanding the quotation An alcoholic who knows ("still felt that man is nobler than the forces") he must stop drinking ("virtue") or die ("tragic situation"), but just can't stop drinking ("forces which destroy") would be an illustration of this quotation. KEYWORDS Question | DOAS | ORX | tragic situation(factors of tragedy, tragic outcome) | Downfall: suicideWL constantly relives the past. Flashbacks.WL tortures himself with shame over own inadequacies leading to suicide. | Downfall: blinded, exiledOed constantly tries to uncover his past. Asks others.Oed tries to live up to honourable position but past unravels causing downfall. | when virtue does not triumph(efforts to do good do not bear fruit) | Bad judgement callsWL: pins false sense of hope on Biff ("A million!")WL: pride (relives own and Biff's past glory)WL: avoids the truth/reality, vents frustration with own failure on other charactersWL: ego - makes bad choices (Charley offers job, he chooses not to accept) | Bad judgement callsOed: seeks false sense of hope from Jocata (constantly seeks solace/reassurance)Oed: pride (hubris), forces the ugly truth to be revealed.Oed: actively seeks the truth/reality, wrongly judges other charactersOed: ego - belittles Tiresias, boasts about beating fate | still felt that man is nobler than(tragic hero) | Actions to improve selfWL: effort to rectify failure (vicariously through Biff), achieve success (struggle to provide affluence for family: seeds)WL: suicide (in his mind, it is a noble act - provide a "diamond" for Biff), in reality it was needlessWL: redeeming qualities(good with hands

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