Forgiveness In The Kite Runner

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Forgiveness is something that must come within a person; if one cannot forgive themselves for their wrong doings it is harder to accept what has been done for and to move on. This being, ‘The Kite Runner’, by Khaled Hussani shows a great amount of forgiveness. The main character in the book named Amir, shows a high emotion of jealousy for his brother Hassan throughout their childhood which leads him into guilt amongst himself. Amir was an insecure child which left him in the regret of witnessing Hassan through bad situations. This resulted in him not being able to defend Hassan through his struggles. Amir’s past not only never allowed him to live happily in his present day, but the regrets of his sins dwelled him with grief for a very long time. With this said, it is only assumed that one’s past of sinful deeds can guide them into seeking change and forgiveness amongst themselves. Amir never accepted Hassan as a brother or as a son like figure to their father, Baba. Amir grew up envying Hassan because of the love and acceptance Baba showed towards Hassan more than Amir, “…Baba was there watching, and he patted Hassan on the back. Even put his arm around his shoulder”, (p. 17). As a result, Amir felt unloved and unaccepted by his own father, leaving Amir envious towards Hasasn. "...If I hadn't seen the doctor pull him…show more content…
Amir committed the deadly sin of being envious towards Hassan being in Amir’s life and his value towards Baba, which left him in guilt for witnessing Hassan’s struggle growing up. This all left him in unhappiness throughout his adulthood and married life as he was never able to forgive himself unless he had strived for Hassan’s forgiveness. This is what led into Sohrab’s value in Amir’s life. Therefore, throughout one’s life of sinful deeds, and wrong doings, one cannot forgive themselves unless they seek for others forgiveness and
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