Analysis Of Sonny's Blues By James Baldwin

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Sonny’s Blues This story is about regret and heartache between to brothers. This story is meant to tell the story of a younger brother and his struggles with life and how decisions he made affected those around him. The problem I found with the story is that it never really explained exactly what took place in his life to drive him to where he was in his adult life. The story talked a little about the relationship that he had with his father and the hardships he endured because he wanted Sonny to be a better person. It talked about his mother and her protective ways. It then talks about the older brother and his regret for not being around to help his younger brother go through life without parents. It's about two brothers trying to come…show more content…
The author James Baldwin was born and raised in Harlem and so he has a great understanding of the story that he writes. When he talks of Sonny going to Greenwich Village and the atmosphere it is because he too lived there. James Baldwin moved from the Harlem area shortly after high school because of the racial prejudices that are felt throughout Harlem. Harlem has come to be known as a run down community that is mostly populated by those of poverty. Although it seems to be a cold and dark place Harlem is well known for its music, and that is what filled Sonny’s life. Music is the one positive thing that Sonny did have to look forward to in his life even though his family may not have understood it. It took his brother many years and finally going to listen to him play to understand what he had been through and what his music was about for him. The older brother started out the story really not wanting to know what was going on with Sonny because I think of the guilt and pain it caused him to think about it. You can tell by his story that not being there in the most important times of Sonny’s life has left him with a lot of heartache. The older brother thinks that if he would
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