David Wayne Jones Persuasive Speech

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Stop! Stop! Stop! All over the world, young children have been pleading their hearts out to stop these awful offenders throughout the years. According to thefreedictionary.com, the “generic term for all persons convicted of crimes involving sex, including rape, molestation, sexual harassment and pornography production or distribution” is a sex offender. Some people may argue about the punishment offenders receive and think it is not enough. Just throwing them in jail does not fill up justice. These horrible people deserve more punishment then they are given. Maybe perhaps castration would heal the broken hearts of families and children? Castration is, according to Freedictionary.com, “to remove the testicles of (a male); to remove the ovaries…show more content…
David looked like a normal average guy but had a secret addiction. He had a sexual fantasy with children. According to texasmonthly.com, “Jones used tickle games and play-wrestling as opportunities to fondle them, that he would become aroused when they sat in his lap, and that he would sometimes show up to babysit without wearing underwear.” No one assumed him of doing any wrong. He even was asked to babysit families’ kids. He looked like a man just going to work at the YMCA. Without anyone knowing at first, David molested more than forty children. Jones did admit he was wrong. Texasmonthly.com states Jones said, “"And I know I can no longer find comfort in a child fantasy." He had a voluntarily had a castration on himself. Texasmontly.com also states, "I talked to the one guy here who's had it done… "He said it took the edge away. I hear you're hardly motivated to follow through. That's what I want: If I get in the world and I have this urge, I want it gone." It was a remorse choice and felt it was his way of apologizing to those children he…show more content…
It is good to know that they know they are wrong, but they need to stay in prison longer. So they can still go to therapy and have that mindset they will not do it again. If my child was God forbid hurt or anything by a molester, I sure as anything would want the criminal to rot in prison plus be castrated. I am happy that David confessed his crime and became a changed man. As for the other criminals, rapist, or other molesters we better hope they get castrated before your child is next. Never though, they could be right in the neighborhood. So let castration change a criminal for the better, let’s not rely on their

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