Dave Matthews Band, a Concert Review

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Concert Critique – Dave Matthews Band - 31 August 2012 The Dave Matthews Band is one of the most popular touring bands in the United States of America and enjoys a huge following. The original members of the band are Dave Matthews (acoustic guitar/lead vocals), Carter Beauford (percussion, back-up vocals), Boyd Tinsley (violin), and Stefan Lessard (bass). Jeff Coffin (saxophone) joined the band in 2008 after founding member, LeRoi Moore died in 2008 from complications from a motor vehicle accident. Each summer, since the late 1990’s, The Dave Matthews Band embarks on a cross-country tour that draws hundreds of thousands of fans and loyal listeners. On August 31st, 2012, the band played an outdoor concert at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington, playing a 25-song set, almost 3 hours in length. The venue has been a favorite destination for the band resulting in a live album entitled The Gorge, which was released 8 years prior to this concert. The band reached deep into their catalog, choosing songs from their first album all the way to their latest album as of the time of the filming of the concert. Joining the band at this show was Tim Reynolds (electric guitar), Jeff Coffin (saxophone), and Rashawn Ross (horns). Tim Reynolds has been a frequent collaborator with Dave Matthews and the Dave Matthews Band, often joining Dave as a duet in smaller venues and also on various albums receiving dual billing. The Dave Matthews Band can be described as a jam band with rock and jazz elements mixed within their music. The style of their music appeals to fans of many genres as well as musicians due to the technical abilities of each member in the band. Carter Beauford is often ranked on many lists ranking the best drummers in the music industry. The band is known for doing extended arrangements of each song, sometimes lasting 15 to 20 minutes in length, often
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