D1 Evaluate the Purpose and the Function of Key Equipment Required for a Day and Overnight Expedition.

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D1 Evaluate the purpose and the function of key equipment required for a day and overnight expedition. When going on expedition, it is essential to take with you all equipment that you will need and use for a successful expedition. The most important things you need to take with you are those who you actually wear, your clothes, to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. If you choose the wrong equipment, you will put yourself in great danger and your chances of survival will not be very high. I am now going to evaluate what types of equipment is essential to carry on with you for a day and overnight expedition. Outer jacket – the outer jacket is very important part of your equipment. It should be waterproofed to protect you from the elements water and wind. It will keep you warm and dry. By keeping you warm, the jacket protects you from hypothermia. The weight of the jacket depends on what type of expedition you are going; it could be light, middle or heavy. Without the outer jacket you will be vulnerable to get wet, to lose your body temperature and to catch cold or hypothermia which is dangerous and can kill you. Fleece – this is the middle layer of your clothing. It keeps you warm, it is perfect for outwear and keeps your body heat. Without proper fleece made from polyester, you can lose a lot of body heat and you will feel cold and unprotected. It is light on weight and you can put a spare in your rucksack. Base layer (thermals) – the base layer could be a t-shirt or a long sleeve shirt. It dries quickly, it is very light on weight, you can actually squeeze it, if it is wet and it will dry immediately. It keeps you warm and dry, it is soft and it should not be made from cotton, because when you are doing some kind of activity you sweat and then the sweat blotted to your clothes and you reduce heat that cools down and make you feel wet and cold. You can take

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