Fire Fighter Safety

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You awake to some sounds in the middle of the night You go to the source and then to your fright You see your home engulfed in a fire, Was it the kids or a short in a wire? Now you’re in trouble what will you do Call the fire department and they’ll come and help you Hello, in my spare time I am a volunteer fire fighter. Today I am going to talk to you about fire fighter safety. I am going to take you on an adventure through a structure fire scene and explain to you some of the dangers and safety techniques that keep fire fighters safe every day. Imagine this, you are asleep in your big comfortable bed and you are awakened by a glass shattering tone that informs you of a structure fire. This is where you meet your first fire danger, the fire truck. Did you know that over 85% of the fire fighters killed in the line of duty are killed on the way to or from the fire or wreck scene? The best safety in the fire truck is of course your seat belt and speed limit. Now you have arrived on scene. A fire fighters first line of defense is his fellow fire fighters. After that is his PPE which is your Personal Protective Equipment, his SCBA the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and your PASS, the Personal Alert Safety System. Your gear is used to protect you from the heat, and is the only thing between you and the fire. PPE Is referred to as a fire fighters outfit. It consists of your coat, pants, boots, gloves, your helmet, and your nomex. Your coat and pants both have two layers. The first layer is to keep moisture in to prevent life threatening steam, because when you are in a fire it gets hot even in your PPE and you will sweat. If the sweat were to be exposed to that much heat it will cause steam that will cause burns. The second layer is to protect from heat. It is also water proof to keep you dry from the off spray of your hoses. Your boots are made with

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