Winter vs Summer

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Winter Vs. Summer Which is your favorite season summer or winter? Summer is my favorite for many reasons. They both have good reasons for being a favorite to someone. Is it the warm summer days or being able to be outside all day long? Is it being able to bundle up next to a fire or playing in the snow? Your daily activities are decided by the weather. There’s weather for both seasons that can keep you inside all day. The major difference of the seasons is the weather. It either gets really hot or really cold. You get that brisk, cold feeling on your noise. You bundle yourself up in a thick, warm jacket with a wool hat and scarf. This is New England. When it’s cold; it’s cold. The temperature will get down to zero, and sometimes keep you inside. The summer on the other hand, your whole body is warm and maybe even a little bit sticky. But I would much rather be warm in the 80’s or 90’s rather than being warm just because I’m bundled up. How you dress in the summer is far different than the winter. During the winter you normally wear thick and warm clothes. Which it’s appropriate to keep you warm, and not so cold in the freezing temperatures. On the other hand, summer you’ll normally wear shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and bathing suits. These are all clothing that are lightweight, so it makes you feel like your not dying in the treacherous weather. There are minimum activities that you can do in the wintertime, depending on the weather. If you don’t have any snow you can’t go snowmobiling or sledding. In order to have the right amount of snow to go snowmobiling you have to get a decent amount of snow. If enough people are riding the trails when there isn’t enough snow it goes right down to the dirt, which could ruin your track on your snowmobile. Ski resorts make sure they have snow all year round, but if it hasn’t really snowed all season the

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