D1 Evaluate the Links Between an Organisation’s Characteristics and Its Success in Gaining Competitive Advantage and Achieving Its Aims

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D1 Evaluate the links between an organisation’s characteristics and its success in gaining competitive advantage and achieving its aims British Airways is based in London with a significant presence at Heathrow, Gatwick and London City. It is one of the world's leading global premium airlines and has grown considerably over the years. They have achieved this by gaining competitive advantage over their rivals such as Virgin Atlantic. They are a Public Limited Company (PLC) and have limited liability. They are listed on the London Stock Exchange. Their type of business organisation is in the private sector. British Airways is owned by shareholders. If the business goes into debt each shareholder will only lose the amount of share capital they have invested and not their personal possessions and they will decide what will be done with profits. The government is not involved in its running. They provide an extensive international route schedule with code-share and franchise partners. They operate daily flights to more than 600 destinations worldwide. They carry approximately 32 million passengers a year. They have to focus on a variety of goals and objectives for both short and long term survival in the competitive global market. Their aims, objectives and goals are to maximise profit in the long-term by focusing on improving and maintaining outstanding customer service, becoming the world’s leading premium airline and gaining competitive advantage. They have a goal of transforming British Airways into the world's leading global premium airline which requires meeting the rising expectations of their customers. Their investment in their staff, fleet and facilities ensures they provide the very best in customer service. They want their customers to enjoy premium service at every point of their journey. They remained focused on this strategy throughout the
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