Curative Factor in Counselling

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In the way curative factors work and have had firsthand knowledge with my own experience of therapy. I will try to put this into words and I will add the group processes with each curative factor. Universality When people shared similar experiences and feelings in group .I became aware I was not the only one who had suffered because of my addiction and by relating to this I know longer felt being alone in my fight with addiction. In the group this help to remove member sense of isolation and helps to raise self esteem and validate experiences. Altruism In group it is evident when members help each other by sharing their experience freely and selfishly even when it’s painful to do so and without the need for payoffs. There was quite a debate around in our learning sessions whether altruism even exists as there’s always a pay of whether it is wanted or not. In group this helps to lift group member’s self-esteem and develop a more adaptive coping style and interpersonal skills within the group. Instillation of hope In my own experience this was a key factor of how I managed to turn my life around. The first hand experience though was more in a NA share where the person shared where they had been and how they had come out of the other end. This was my first real sign of hope and grabbed hold of that realization that I could change. In the treatment group setting we had people at different stages of their recovery and this did encourage me to stick with it and that it was possible to overcome the problems that I still struggled with. Imparting information This is not entirely a psychotherapeutic process though it is very helpful to learn about factual information from other group member e.g. their treatment and access to services once left treatment. Corrective recapitulation of the primary family experience I know this one well as it is coming from
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