Cultural Diversity Essay

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Define cultural diversity and explain why health care originations should promote an inclusive and culturally diverse work place Culture can be defined in many forms. It’s the vales, beliefs, morals, knowledge, customs, values and habits of the people in society. Diversity is a range of differences that include gender, race, ethnicity and age. It also includes differences that are not visible like education, professional background, and functional area of expertise, sexual preferences and religion. The way countries view diversity depends on the cultural values of the people, the range of diversity in the population and attitudes towards these differences. Health care organisations need to promote a culturally diverse work place to ensure everyone feels comfortable. They need to identify ones cultural background, values and beliefs, especially ones related to health and health care. (Lewis’s Medical-Surgical Nursing”, Di Brown, 2005, page 24) Identify and discuss a situation in which cultural diversity could impact on the delivery of client care Clients on Australian heath care may not be able to speak fluent English, whether it’s because they are from a different culture or have not been financially stable to be able to afford the schooling to learn English. This can become an issue when they enter the system. Effective communication is essential in the delivery of all health services. Language service provision is therefore critical to ensuring people who speak little or no English, or whose first language isn’t Australian can access the services they need. Under the Department of Health Language Services Policy, programs and funded organisations are required to have policies and procedures in place to meet the following three minimum language service requirements: Clients who are not able to communicate through written or spoken English have access to
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