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Diversity Worksheet 1. What is diversity? Why is diversity valued? Diversity is state of being diverse; variety. A range of different things. This can mean differences in race, heritage, belief systoms, physician appearances, etc. Diversity is valued so that people can accept other people and their differences. Diversity should also valued because no on is completely the same even within the categories that I have used for examples. It is important to value diversity in order to work together. 2. What is ethnocentrism? In what ways can ethnocentrism be detrimental to a society? Ethnocentrism is judging another culture solely by the values and standard’s of ones own culture. An example of ethnocentrism is when Adolf Hitler and his Nazi followers thought that they were better than Jewish people, judging them to be lower than dirt, thus leading to th deaths of approximately 6 million Jewish people then eventually leading to World War 2. 3. Define emigration and immigration. Emigration is the act of permanently leaving ones country or region to settle in another. Immigration is the movement of people into a country or region they are native in order to settle there. Emigration is the same as Immigration but from the perspective of the country or origin. 4. What are some of the ways groups of people are identified? Groups of people can be identified in many different ways. People often group other people into categories when those people are different from them. People can be grouped into different categories by race, religion, beliefs, origin in which the live, where they are from, age categories, heritage, etc. 5. Why do people label and group other people? There are many different reasons that people label and group other people. The most common reason is because of someone being different than an individual or

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