Work Effectively with Culturally Diverse Clients and Co-Workers.

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1. Document three reasons why you think it is important for people who work in the Health Care environment to be familiar with the culture of the people they care for. (100 words) 3 reasons why it is important for healthcare workers to have knowledge of different cultures are because different cultures may have other ideas about their health and well being, staff need to be able to give clients the best possible care providing they meet the laws of the different cultures and the staff who experience culture shock are more likely to be stressed and irritable and would not work to their full potential. If a client experienced negative healthcare it can lead to feelings of distrust for the system and hostility towards other healthcare workers. (Lenthall and Lindeman, 2007, pp171-177) 2. Document three things you can do to build a good working relationship with a new staff member who is from a different culture other than your own. (100 words) Three things we can do to build a good working relationship with new culturally diverse staff members are to show respect and be polite to everyone e.g. smiling, shaking their hand, looking them in the eye and not interrupting them. We treat everyone as an equal, so not making people feel like they are invaluable or talking down to them. And by including everyone in group discussions or tasks, don’t ignore people because they have a different skin colour or speak differently and try to make an effort to understand them. (King’s International College, 2007) Scenario Akema, is a Japanese woman in her thirties and her three children had been constantly abused by Akema’s husband whom she had married while he had been visiting Japan. After several months, those attending Akema began to suspect this abuse but every time she was questioned she remained tight‐lipped and offered feeble explanations for the cuts and bruises.
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