Cricket and Baseball Essay

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What are the similarities and differences between baseball and cricket? Baseball is America’s pastime, a kids’ game that has spread from the New World into Latin America and Asia. Cricket on the other hand has been embraced by the British since the late sixteenth century and has gained popularity in South Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, and places all around the world. Contrary to popular belief, many sources say that baseball is not derived from cricket. Although there are any similairties between the psorts, both being bat-and-ball games, there are also many logistic and strategic differences. To begin, baseball has a smaller field than cricket. In baseball, boundaries/foul lines, go from home plate at 45-degree angles up to about 300 feet at the left and right fence lines while the center field fence goes further out. Also in baseball, a batter faces nine opposing players: the pitcher, the catcher, four infielders and three outfielders. About two-thirds of the fair territory is in the infield. Cricket is played in an oval-shaped field covered almost all in grass. In cricket, eleven fielders guard a larger area. The diameter of a cricket field typically ranges from 450 to 500 feet. In both sports, a game is divided into periods called innings. In baseball, one batter goes up to home plate wielding a bat with a more cylindrical tip. Hitting is a more difficult exercise in baseball due to a smaller-sized bat. Even the best batters fail to make a hit two out of three times. Baseball is a low-scoring game with each team normally averaging four to five home runs per game. Starting pitchers, who normally pitch six or seven out of nine innings, have a more crucial role in determining a game’s outcome. Thus, teams with outstanding pitchers are considered better championship contenders. Cricket, on

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