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Aluminum vs. Wood. Which is Better for Baseball? CRACK! That was the sound of our nation’s pastime in the early days of baseball. For nearly 150 years, the wooden bat was used in every level of baseball. PING! This is the only sound you will hear on the diamond now, except at the professional level. What happened to the old-fashioned crack of the bat at the amateur level? The wooden bat was replaced by the aluminum bat in the early 1970’s. Since its inception, the debate has been waged across America on which bat performs better and is better for the game. The bats have been analyzed on such factors as performance of the bat itself, the development of the hitter due to the type of bat, safety, and cost. The outcome of this analysis has led to a trend in which communities and leagues are trying to ban the use of aluminum bats- period. Wooden bats have been used in the game of baseball since the…show more content…
wooden bat debate relates directly to economics, namely cost. A good aluminum bats cost approximately $250 and will last at least one season if not more. A good wooden bat, on the other hand, costs approximately $80 and can last as long as one at bat or for several games. For cash strapped amateur leagues, this can have a huge impact on their operating budget. Due to wooden bats breaking at a much higher rate, they have to be replaced more often. Wyoming Valley Conference coach Matt Skrepenek states, “It’s a money issue and wouldn’t be cost efficient. It would just get too expensive” (Faiwell). For instance, a $1000 dollar investment by a team for bats could purchase 4 aluminum bats that will last the season or longer, or it could purchase 12 wooden bats that could last for several games or several months. Wellesley American League went through 600 bats in one season, which totaled to the amount of $8,000 (Greater Boston). Easily this amount of bats in one season can severely drain a team’s

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