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Courtroom Work Group Shanequa Brown-Ridley CJA/204 March 19, 2013 John Thomae Courtroom Work Group To understand how courts work you would have to start with what goes on inside the courtroom. There is the history of the court systems like the state and federal court system and the process who determines what. The courtroom work group is the main focus on how the courtroom system and process works. By evaluating the roles of the courtroom work group and describing the each person’s involvement we would have a better view of what takes place. The concept of the courtroom work group was first brought about by James Eisenstein and Herbert Jacob in 1977 as part of a study on cases processed through the felony system. Participants in a…show more content…
The role of a prosecuting attorney is to review all evidence against a person or party and build a case against the person(s). A prosecutor is typically in charge of bringing criminal charges against a person(s) and presenting their evidence to a court to assure a conviction. They work directly for the district attorneys office of a jurisdiction and are responsible for presenting the state’s case against the defendant. The prosecuting attorney is the primary representative of the people by virtue of the belief that violations of the criminal law are an affront to the public. The prosecutor pairs up with the law enforcement officers that are gathering the evidence and then they see if they have enough evidence to continue with the case. They also have to make sure they the correct evidence that is needed to pursue the case. Then they have to gather their evidence and witnesses. Review it, eliminate anything not strong enough for the case, gather evidence that proves in favor of the case, then they file motions. This is how the prosecutor determines which cases to pursue. I wouldn’t know what would happen if the criteria for taking a case were more or less stringent because I would have to know what the effects would be if it was more or less severe in each case. So opinion would be that if the criteria were less prosecuting lawyers would want to charge people for any and everything. If the criterion was more then it would be harder to convict a person because it probably would require more information and
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