Law Enforcement Officer Role In Court Case Analysis

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The Courtroom and the Courthouse Batisha Branner CJA/373 August 25, 2010 William Rice A law enforcement officer role in the courtroom is very important to the prosecutors because Law enforcement officers have direct crime scene experience and can testify about their conversations with the defendant. If an officer receives a confession or if the defendant has provided the officer with incriminating information than the prosecutor can use that information against the defendant in court. The law enforcement officers can also be cross examined by the defense counsel. Police officers also can testify about evidence that they have collected at a crime scene that can incriminate the defendant. In some cases the law enforcement officer role in a courtroom can be to just to keep peace, and order in the courtroom. The prosecutor’s aim is to prove that the defendant committed a crime,…show more content…
Well, the defense attorney is supposed to protect the defendant's rights prior to trial. In a civil case, the defense attorney will file papers responding to the plaintiff's case, will investigate the case, talk to the defendant, talk to witnesses, gather evidence, get ready for trial, and negotiate with the plaintiff. In a criminal case, the defense attorney's role is even more strongly aligned with the defendant, to do everything they can to try to prevent the defendant from being found guilty; whether that's by going to trial or negotiating a plea bargain. Most criminal cases end with the defense agreeing to plead guilty to something. It's the defense attorney's role to try to get the charges reduced as much as possible. If the defendant has a substance problem, try to get treatment as part of the sentencing. Basically to do whatever you can to help the client overcome these criminal

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