Pre-Trial Defense Research Paper

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Properly Processing a Defendant From my prospective the most important way of properly processing a defendant in a federal investigation are the following: * The right to plead not guilty * The right to a jury * Right for a legal counsels * Serving the warrant * The Miranda rights * Right at the trial to cross examine and confront the accuser * Court authority to order restitution * The maximum possible penalty * The minimum possible penalty * For the court to apply the sentencing guidelines The Federal Criminal Pretrial Process * Evidence The prosecutors present the evidence to the grand jury, who then determine if the information is accurate. * Arrest Warrant or Summon After the evidence has been provided, an arrest warrant or summon is issued. If an arrest warrant is issued then they will only know when…show more content…
All available evidence should be presented to the defense attorney and where all motions to drop the charges or to suppress evidence should be done. Afterwards, the trial process. Presenting The Case Officers must conduct a pre-trial service investigation. They gather and verify important information about the defendant and the defendant’s suitability for pre-trial release. When the officers are notified that the defendants have been arrested, the investigation begins. The officer who is arresting will then place a call to the pre-trial service office with information about the defendant, and the circumstances about the arrest. Officers then interview the defendant. These interviews are done to determine the source of support for the defendant, activities, living style, and working situation. Also, during this interview, a criminal history check is done. The officer might talk to the assistant U.S. attorney and tell him about charges and government position for making a decision in whether to release or detain the

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