Operational Aspects Of The Criminal Justice System

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The criminal Justice System in definition is the aggregate of all operating and administrative or technical support agencies that perform criminal justice functions. The basic divisions of the operational aspects of criminal justice are law enforcement, courts, and corrections. With each component they can in turn, be described in terms of functions and purpose. In the criminal justice system the key component of the law enforcement process are the warrant and booking. With the warrant it is in the criminal proceedings, a writ issued by a judicial officer directing a law enforcement officer to perform a specified act and affording the officer protection from damages if he or she performs it. There is also the arrest that goes…show more content…
With the information it is formal, written accusation submitted to a court by a prosecutor, alleging that a specified person has committed a specified offense. The indictment it is a formal, written accusation submitted to the court by a grand jury, alleging that a specified person has committed a specified offense, usually a felony. After you have the indictment sometimes you go in front of the grand jury. Then you go for your arraignment it is the first appearance of the defendant before the court that has the authority to conduct a trial. A trial is a criminal proceeding that examines in the court of the issues of fact and relevant law in a case for the purpose of convicting or acquitting the defendant. With sentencing, you have two different types you have consecutive sentence and concurrent sentence. With consecutive sentence it is when offenders found guilty of more than one charge may be ordered to serve one sentence after another is completed. With a concurrent sentence it will run at the same time. Then you have the corrections, when an offender is charged then the correction stage begins. If they do not have to serve anytime then you have probation and

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