the counter reformation

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Question: Describe and analyze the impact of the Counter Reformation on European history The Counter Reformation had a positive effect on European history for a variety of reasons. The Counter Reformation spread the ideas of the Catholic Church; thanks to the Jesuits. The reformation also fixed mostly all of the problems of the Catholic Church, like simony and pluralism. Finally, the reformation proved that the Catholic Church could fix its mistakes. In the end; the reformation opened up a lot of new ideas and also fixed up many of the flaws that were plaguing the Catholic Church. First of all, the Counter Reformation had spread out to other countries, mostly because of the Jesuits. The Jesuits were a group of Catholics that Ignatius Loyola to preach Catholicism. These Jesuits were totally focused on the church and did whatever the pope said to do. Even spread the faith to different countries that had many Protestants. By the time that Loyola died, the Jesuits had already spread out to Africa, India, Japan and America. The Jesuits also made the Catholic Church look kind of decent after the whole Martin Luther incident. My second reason why the Counter Reformation had a positive effect on European history is that the Catholic Church had fixed many of its problems. The group that wanted change in the church was the council of Trent, invented by Pope Paul the 3rd. First, the council of Trent looked at and corrected catholic abuses to attempt to persuade some Protestants to convert back. They had a total of 3 three meetings and in the first meeting, they fixed one major problem, pluralism. In the end” The Council of Trent did mark a turning-point in the history of the Catholic Church… gave Catholics a certainty about their own beliefs and practices that had previously been lacking the Church’s foundations had been strengthened, to give a firm

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