School Counselor Interview

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Before this interview, I defined a school counselor as someone who provides guidance to help with the development of a child academically and socially. However, I learned this is still their philosophy but their duities have changed. As I interviewed, Ms. Childs a counselor from the Cypress-Fairbanks school district, I truly understood the difference between the role of a counselor and their duties. She has wanted to be a counselor since the third grade. She had an excellent elementary school counselor and always remembered her as being the nicest person on campus. After that expereince she aspired to do the same. She has been a school counselor now for 4 years, all in the middle school setting. Ms. Childs explained that her district focus’ more on developmental guidance for all levels. She believes her districts philosophy of school counseling is that all students are unique individuals with many talents, and through social and academic guidance they can become productive,…show more content…
They use a computer based career analysis program, which allows the student to answer questions based upon experiences and interests to help them identify possible career options. They also have a program specifically for eighth graders, that allows them to start a four year plan for high school, and of course the counselors use their computers for registration. Ms. Childs wants the counseling education programs to inform future counselors about the importance of a counselor and their role in the school, as well as prepare their students for the reality of their role as a school counselor. She feels that the future counselors need to take courses using different software programs dealing with scheduling, registration, test preparation, organization, and time management. Any kind of computer skills based course would be beneficial because that is what school counselors do majority of the
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