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Born in Thailand, Angel Faith travelled to more than 3 countries before she even turned one years old. At the age of two, her family finally settled in Camden, NJ, USA. Growing up in a Vietnamese community reminded her of her true heritage and culture. Poverty in her younger years also taught her not to take anything for granted. It created a very respectful side of her and she developed a skill of turning small opportunities into life lessons. She was raised in a Vietnamese only speaking family. This was great because she learned how to communicate with her family but it became a problem when she started school and began to learn English. Growing up in a family that only knew how to speak a foreign language slowed and limited her abilities to improve her English vocabulary and grammar. Throughout her elementary and middle school years, she excelled in school due to the push of her parent. Her parent’s expectations and rules created her…show more content…
While her elementary and middle school consisted mainly of blacks and Hispanics, Pennington, her high school consisted of mostly white, rich, preppy Americans. She experienced racism for the first time in her life, but instead of allowing this to hurt her, she ended up developing a stronger and more confident personality. She gained more leadership skills and became extremely involved with mentoring programs at her school. Her high school years also taught her to embrace and appreciate her culture even more because she was the first and only Vietnamese student. Every time she was faced with hardship, she remembered the struggles that her parents faced and it gave her strength to continue on her journey. In addition to everything happening in high school, she was also very involved with her church. She sang in the choir, taught catechism, created a youth group and attended many retreats. This all taught her how to deepen her faith and have better time

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