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Corruption And Power In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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  • on December 12, 2011
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Corruption and Power in Lord of the Flies
Corruption and power slowly evolves in the book Lord of the Flies. Throughout the book there is always a struggle for power between Jack and Ralph. Eventually this thirst for power by Jack leads to corruption and evil. From the first chapter in the book Jack wants to be chief and doesn’t care if others want him to be chief or not. The conch is a very significant symbol for democracy and how it is used throughout the book is also a symbol for how the boys change. Jack and Ralph are the main reason that there is corruption for power in Lord of the Flies because they are the only two that truly desire power. Towards the end of the book, Jack uses savage methods of forcing people to join his tribe. The main character that shows how power leads to corruption is Jack. He is the one that eventually leads the boys into savagery.   There are many instances in this book in which you see how power leads to corruption.
In the first chapter Jack declares himself as chief when they decide that they need one. He came into the island as head of the choirboys and clearly the little power that he had made him want power over more people. The boys immediately needed an authority figure and he jumped at the chance of having power.
Hunting in the book becomes a symbol for savagery and corruption. Ralph, who represents democracy, is never interested in hunting. Whereas when Jack loses the vote of being chief, Ralph still gives him power over the choir.   He immediately decides that they should be hunters and makes hunting a priority even though there are clearly more priorities like building shelters. Jack has no interest in building shelters, from the first chapter of the book he is focused on hunting the pig. The second he accomplishes that, he and the other hunters switch to a different mindset. This is a significant point in the book because when they kill the pig, they have crossed the line from civilization to savagery. This is also...

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