The Lord Of The Flies Conch Analysis

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The Conch’s Hidden Significance A conch is commonly known as a spiral shell of a gastropod, it’s often used as a horn. In The Lord of the Flies they use the conch as a horn. The conch is very significant and is one of the many symbols used. It is present throughout most of the novel and has a very important role. In the beginning of the story the conch represented order then later on authority but throughout the story the meaning changed to chaos. In the first part of the novel Ralph and Piggy discover the conch and it was then used to call the boys into order later on. Ralph and piggy are walking on the island and “Ralph stops smiling and was pointing into the lagoon. Something creamy lay among the ferny weeds.”…show more content…
The boys think the conch isn’t important and they can just do without it. They think they are smart enough “we know who ought to say things.” (11) The savages have no respect for authority anymore. After they believe that they don’t need authority then that causes authority and order to be gone. A rock is launched at it hits piggy and then “the conch explodes into a thousand white fragments and ceases to exist.” (200) When that happens the significance of the conch is destroyed. The broken conch symbolizes the end of any reason they boys ever had. Now the boys turn into savages and there is just mass chaos. The conch is destroyed there is no way the boys can or will ever have any order again. As you can tell while the conch existed it had great significance and it contained a lot of symbolism. In The lord of the Flies the conch started out representing order then it symbolized authority but in the end stood for chaos. The conch changes throughout t the novel because the real meaning is blurred and there priorities are not straight. The boys had good intension with the conch and it helped but in the end it was destroyed. They needed the conch because without it they would have never come together and had
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