What Does The Fire Symbolize In Lord Of The Flies

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In William Golding’s book Lord of the Flies uses many items such as fire, Piggy’s glasses, and the conch to symbolize moral destruction of the boys. His argument that this book explains how today society is; and how they will act if they were stranded on an island. How these things are important to everyday living. Plus we take those simple things for granted. First, what the fire symbolizes is sanity. In the story Ralph says “we need fire for safety”, Ralph insists on the fire because he wants order and to feel sane. Fire for instance is hot and keeps its form, and if it’s messed with it’ll sporadically go out of control. Once the fire goes out darkness begins to set in exactly how craziness sets in when Ralphs request for keeping the fire going is ignored. The storm in the book represents hopelessness and anger. Because when Ralph…show more content…
What the conch symbolizes in the story leadership and order. To the boys the conch was everything, but there was a rule and Piggy made it; it was “You must have the conch to speak in the council.” When Ralph blew the conch it would make a beautiful sound and a very loud one at that. The boys would come and sit and talk that shows leadership. Later on the story Ralph and a boy argue throughout the story and couldn’t agree on a thing; there was a huge power struggle between them. The boys split up and it’s just Ralph, Piggy, and SamnEric so Ralph has lost his leadership through the whole pack of kids. In the beginning there was order and somewhat civilization. Order is what kept the boys in line and when Ralph lost leadership and respect with the boys; order was lost and things started to get very disorienting. Piggy brought the conch to a quarrel between two boy s and in the end it was shattered which means all sanity is lost there is no hope. The boys were heading down a destructive path and their morals; what morals they have
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