Corporate Culture of Mc'Donald Essay

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CORPORATE CULTURE OF MCDONALD’S INTRODUCTION McDonalds corporation is the world’s most recognised and largest provider of foodservice serving millions of customers daily around the world and operates more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 120 countries. It was initiated in 1940 with a restaurant opened by brothers Mac and Dick Donald’s in California. After since its incorporation in 1955, McDonalds has sold more than 100 billion hamburgers. McDonalds team of experienced managers, high ranking operating system, global infrastructure and one of the well recognized brand names in the world. It is the biggest fast food retailer capturing the whole world. It has initiated Hamburger University where the assistant managers and the mangers are trained. McDonald’s corporate culture is based on shared value system and maintains standardised quality process to ensure same quality and reduction in lead time. McDonalds has the vision to be the best employer in each community in the world. The restaurants are run either by franchise, or as corporate itself. This paper attempts to define the organisational structure and shortcomings in its operations. The operational structure is the system of the operation of an organisation i.e. the values, beliefs and policies. There are some shortcomings which poise as a thread to achieve its goal and work effectively. The organisational problems of McDonalds have been disturbing the activities to be carried out by the organisation effectively. The policy of McDonalds is to promote an working environments which is free from unlawful discriminations. The study will include the causes underlying the problem and the alternatives available to the organisation along with the recommendation for the future. HISTORY OF MCDONALD’S In the 1950s a new style of eating was introduced by brothers, Dick and Mac Donald. Their original small burger

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