Contraversial Issue: Are We Too Dependent on Computers

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Year 10-‘Contraversial Issue’ speech n Are we too dependent on computers? The controversial topic I have chosen to preach to you today is ‘are we too dependent on computers?’ this controversial issue has many different views. I am here to make you aware of them. Can you believe all this fuss started about forty years ago? People fifty years ago, were able to survive without computer. So why is it that, these days we can’t live without them. And that when our computer crashes, we feel as though the world has come to an end? My first argument in favour of our dependence on computers is that computers can be very helpful in society and allow us to actually move further forward, and at a faster pace than we would without them. For example, from a freelance writer point of view, who works from home, their laptop or computer, is their workstation, which eases their whereabouts for when and where they want to work. However this argument is not as creditable for those who are against this matter, because eventually everything will be in some way connected to computers. Many people against the issue are of the belief that if they do not keep up, they will be left behind. Everything from checking out at the grocery store or gas station to banking and working involves computers in some way, shape or form, and if there are no alternatives to do things in that way then one must learn to adapt in order to survive even the simplest of daily activities. My second argument in favour of this topic is that the thousands of people that own any form of a computer, whether a laptop, or games console, put so much effort into making it out to posses the best things that it possibly can possess, by downloading apps onto it, updating it every fortnight etc. To an extent, that if it unexpectedly crashes, the owners in many cases, have breakdowns. Just for the simple fact that they

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