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My Digital Sabbath Personal Response In Marche’s essay he had some key things that I think are true and appreciate as a reader. When Marche says, “The Digital Sabbath makes me realize how deeply the tendency toward distraction has been ingrained in my consciousness. It’s hard for me to play Lego with my son. It’s hard just to read a newspaper.” I can also connect to his statement because if I can’t for someone reason go on my computer or watch TV I also feel restless and feel distracted for some reason. When the author says, “I am not an internet addict by any definition, but I do wonder why I crave something that makes me less happy.” I also agree with this statement because I know going on the internet make me restless and I cannot concentrate after getting of the computer but every day I go to the computer to check my emails and etc. His argument of taking a break from new technology for a few days would help us feel better and appreciate the technology that we have. I completely agree with him because if we take a break for a few days we can do different things like playing outside rather than being on the internet. If I am given a choice to do the Digital Sabbath I will not do it because it is hard for me to remain away from my computer for a long period of time. I know Digital Sabbath might be a good idea for me to do since I would get more time to go outside and enjoy with my friends and also I won’t remain restless and be more active. Some pros the Digital Sabbath has are it keeps us more active, more family bonding time, volunteer for a good cause, and appreciate the things around me. Some of the cons are I won’t chat with my long distance friends, won’t know what’s going around in the world and I won’t be able to go on social media website to see what’s going on. Overall Digital Sabbath is a great idea but it is hard for everyone to impose it on them

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