Constitutional Reform In Scotland Since 1997 Essay

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“Devolution in Scotland has been the most significant constitutional reform since 1997.” How far do you agree/disagree with this statement? Constitutional reform is a process whereby the fundamental nature of the system of government is changed, or where change is proposed. E.g. in the UK this may include the process of codification. Since 1997, the government was conservative for 18 years and wanted to reform the House of Lords. This was successfully achieved by the removal of heredity peers from their voting rights. However, Devolution for Scotland has been the most successful constitutional reform overall since 1997 because it has been able to achieve much more than expected e.g. gain more power. Scotland felt it needed more power and…show more content…
The devolution of power to Northern Ireland is seen within the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. From this, a devolved system of government was formed however this caused disagreement between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and the UK. Under the Good Friday Agreement the NIA was established with powers of primary legislation, education and health. However, there were certain powers that Northern Ireland we not allowed to take on such as defence, foreign policy, economic policy, social policy and taxation. These are all still with Westminster. The electoral system for the NIA was a single transferable vote and when there was a vote for devolution, a majority voted yes. Overall, Northern Ireland have gained power to an extent, however, it has been more difficult to form a permanent government. This is because there has been a lack of trust between the main parties therefore direct rule from London was restored. On the other hand, in February 2010, all parties agreed to transfer of law and order and security issues to the Northern Ireland Executive which was seen as a highly significant event. Compared to devolution in Scotland, the Northern Ireland devolution has not been as significant because it hasn’t been able to achieve as much. This shows that devolution in
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