Which Tsar Caused The Great Changes In Russia Essay

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Which Tsar caused the greatest change in Russia from 1855-1918? Change caused by the Tsars can be put into three sections. These are the number of people affected by the policies, how much change caused and how much of a turning point over the history of Russia. When discussing Russia I will be focusing on the social and domestic policies of a particular Tsar over the period. Of the Tsars I believe that Alexander II, called the ‘Tsar Liberator’, caused the biggest change over the period. I believe he was the only Tsar that wanted to reform. I believe Alexander II’s reforms affected the most people living in Russia. In response to the defeat in the Crimean War the Tsar where the majority of Russians saw themselves in higher regard than was translated in the outcome training was modernised and facilities were improved. The effect of this caused military life to have become a lot safer and potentially more profitable when fighting. This was proven to not be…show more content…
For the previous few centuries whilst Western Europe had been developing Russia had been living in the middle ages and the Emancipation of the Serfs put an end to this. Also for a long period prior to Alexander II’s reign Russia had been seen as a major power but after the Crimean War came a realisation that this was not the case any longer. Another large turning point in Russian History is the creation of the Duma because it was a start towards democracy. Also it was the first time any Tsar had been forced to make concessions which paved the start towards revolutions and more power to the people. A fairly insignificant turning point is the period of Russification brought about by Alexander III. This is because the period reversed what his Father did and so in the context of the whole Russian period this effect is fairly
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