Conformity and Obedience

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Assignment 3 – Outline what is meant by conformity, obedience Within this assignment I will define conformity and obedience and how it links with the public service, including the factors that influence them. However, I will also explain why conformity and obedience are important within the public service, with reference from the theorists I have learnt about. Conformity Conformity is type of social influence allowing individuals to change their beliefs in order to fit in with a group. For example in a class full of 9 people, 8 people are seen copying each other. This makes the 9th member of the student worried on whether their answers are right so therefore they start to copy the rest so they don’t feel left out. Peer pressure can also be known as conformity because an individual does not want to feel left out so they would do what other people around them do. For example if a bunch of friends were drinking alcohol, you would join in with them so you don’t feel the odd one out. Self-esteem can be known as conformity as an individual would copy someone else’s behaviour so they fit into the society they live in. Various things can affect conformity such as your job and the law we abide. An individual’s belief can affect others to be known as conformity, if they are influenced by the way they follow certain rules. This can be done for the good or for the bad. For example Arabians believe that praying on their Alcohol makes it permissible to drink so a Muslim would do the same thinking it is a good thing. Conformity can also have a good side to it by ensuring that people drive safely on the correct side of the road. People tend to conform more if they have a law or if they feel the need to be accepted. This could want them to join a public service where they feel they could belong with the team as they have a passion for it. For example an individual may enjoy
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