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What Causes College Students to Binge Drink? Marissa Simon Grand Canyon University: ENG 106 March 16, 2014 What Cause College Students to Binge Drink? What do falling GPA’s, constant memory loss, fights, hangovers, and sexual activity all relate to? These are the results of college students that binge drink. On every Friday or Saturday night there is known to be some kind of party going on that college students attend, in which they are drinking and having a good time with their friends. Usually the place to have fun with friends would be at the bar or club, but majority of the college students are underage and they consume large amounts of alcohol, also, known as binge drinking. The consumption of alcohol in America by college students…show more content…
Majority of the college students, think that now that they have more freedom, they are able to do whatever they feel like including binge drinking to feel like a true adult. “Researcher Henry Wechsler says that the study, which appeared in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), found that 50 percent of male students and 39 percent of female students are binge drinkers” (College Students as Binge Drinkers, 1995). When college students attend parties, they end up drinking excessively, but most of the time there are no reasons behind this social endeavor. There may be some college students that think they have had enough to drink, but when they see their other friends pick up another cup, they automatically have the instinct themselves to grab something else to drink. Peer Pressure is the number one factor for college students to binge drink. This feeling is indirect from their friends who just want to feel like they fit in with the others so they start drinking and taking shots. It is thought by other college students that if someone can consume great amounts of alcohol, then they are considered the cool person because they receive the most attention from others students. Most of the college students that have never had a drink in their life start binge drinking at their first party because they want to be known as the person…show more content…
The people that binge drink the most have more severe problems. These people are more likely, than people who do not drink excessively, to miss class, get behind in their homework or class assignments, involve themselves with sexual activity, not using protection during sexual activity, getting caught by campus security, or maybe even wounded, or seriously injured. “Such heavy alcohol use among American college students has received considerable attention because of high alcohol-related morbidity and mortality is widely considered a public health concern with serious immediate and long-term consequences” (Saylor, 2011). Many college campuses have considered taking serious actions to control the behavior of college students that are binge drinking. Administrators on college campuses have establish a zero tolerance policy for alcohol so that the campus is a dry campus. They want to limit the access of alcohol and dispose of all the advertisement on college campuses. Violent behavior is not always caused by the consumption of large amount of alcohol. Nonetheless, college students who binge drink are more likely to end up in fights and act out their feelings with violent actions. The consumption of alcohol makes people feel like it is okay to have those feeling because they are not themselves. It makes the college students loose attention and lack of senses and corrupts their judgment of many things. Different students

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