Conflict Will Always Repeat Itself

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Conflict often repeats itself right throughout the ages. It seems to be human nature that society would replay what happened to their forefathers. In The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif Najaf talks about the constant havoc of wars and terrorism that has rocked of Afghanistan and the predator might be different the cruelty they face plays out in similar ways. Conflicts can also arise in a new time period with the easy use of technology today a war of opinion or racism, for example, can start by just typing a few words. Inner conflicts can repeat itself over and over also and becomes incredibly complicated as one’s thoughts become more twisted. For generations the conflicts from the past have repeated themselves, from riots and wars to genocide and terrorism it is hard to deny that it doesn’t continually recapitulate from century to century. In the rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif Najaf gives insight into the brutality of the social conflict of families, that Afghani’s have faced throughout time and how man have become accustomed to having to fight to live off their land.“I have seen man, Afghanis, who would be prepared if necessary to commit themselves and a hundred generations of their family to battle, from now until the end of the world.” Like the constant trials of countries trying to take hold of Afghanistan, the American black and white segregation holds similar details. The segregation throughout much of the 1900’s was dire, black people were belittled and blamed for many crimes they did not commit and there were laws that separated the black from the ‘superior’ white people. Many believed that no one could act that way again in that depth of immorality, but, all throughout America today, although the laws have been abolished, there is still terrible social segregation in many of areas within America, in 2003 George bush said “The racial bigotry fed by segregation and

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