Does Religion Cause War

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Religion vs. other causes of war For several decades many have dabbled around with theories of what causes wars. War is defined as a time when two or more groups come to a disagreement and create conflict; it has been around since the beginning of time. “War poisons everything it touches, and often creates environments that support cruelty and inhuman behavior.” (Selvidge 2009). A considerable number of persons have been the victims of war, including innocent children, mothers, and fathers, old and young. War has left a great part of humankind starving, homeless, emotionally and physically unstable. War is an incredibly disastrous act that should only take place when all other alternatives have been exhausted. All nations have a very intricate relationship which entails complicated solutions and negotiation along with many persons who have opposed views and cultures. Wars are ongoing for a variety of reasons ranging from: extended area of land, inner power struggle, natural resource, and religious beliefs. Although religion gives a person meaning to life, it guides people into the right direction, comforts people in times of sadness, and connects people together. Many believe that religion is the cause of all wars, because of the large number of general encounter between opposing different worshipping of leaders. But the cause of a war can be very difficult to figure out. Others would argue that religion is the primary cause of war, because of the many wars that have been caused by it. Throughout history, religion has been named the number one source of creating the torment anguish of human wars. All of this pain is caused due to the name of God. An early example is the Crusades. Which was a war fought between Christians and Muslims. The Crusades occurred from the eleventh to the thirteenth century. During the Crusades, Christians wanted to acquire by using
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