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When we think of war, we often think of soldiers, tanks, weapons and battlefields. But most wars breach boundaries, affecting civilians, mostly women and children. Soldiers, guerrillas and paramilitaries use tactics such as rape, fear, murder and pushing people off their land or manipulate and force them into doing shocking things that scar them for life. This poem was written about the events that have been going on countless decades in human history, the issue of child soldiers. Generally speaking, child soldiers are anyone under the age of 18 participating in contemporary conflicts and who is a member of combatant force representing anything from rebels to a structured government. This issue has recently been brought to light from such movies as Machine Gun Preacher, Black Hawk Down, War Redefined and Blood Diamond. This issue has also been resurrected by a recent explosion of propaganda about the Lord’s Resistance Army, KONY 2012 who have maliciously abducted kids and killed civilians from northern Uganda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Central African Republic. Moreover the LRA did this with complete disregard for Rules of Engagement and the Geneva Convention. This issue was selected due to its high relevance in today’s society as it is a very controversial issue that is currently being addressed in many governments on how to prevent this issue from reoccurring in the future. From writing this poem, I hope to bring understanding to this very complicated issue and cut through the sanitized half told stories of what these kids go through and describe raw events detailed in reports from liberated child soldiers. This controlling idea that this poem has demonstrated is the repletion of the idea of sympathy, sadness and the absence of love and compassion in their lives that most take for granted; furthermore anger at those who inflict

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