Runaway Love Essay

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“Runaway Love” In the world today, there are several social issues affecting mankind. One major issue that disturbs our society is child abuse. Over the years, this horrific crime has increased and a number of people are trying to speak up and stop abuse from occurring. One method in which this transpires is through music. A particular artist by the name of Ludacris decided that enough was enough and determined that he would take a stand against abuse in his song, “Runaway Love.” This song, performed by Ludacris and featuring Mary J. Blige, voices their concern about the issues of rape, physical violence, gun violence, and unwanted pregnancy. They do this by unveiling three different stories of girls whose home life is less then glamorous. In “Runaway Love,” the song tells of three little girls that deal with different types of abuse. Ludacris says, “Yeah, I can only imagine what you goin' through, ladies/Sometimes I feel like runnin' away myself.” He feels this way because he understands the horrors of what they are going through. He grew up around people that struggled with physical and emotional abuse day in and day out. The other singer can identify with these three girls also because she experienced the same kind of child abuse. Mary J. Blige in the song says, “I know how you feel/ I’ve been there.” When Mary was just a little girl, her father would beat her mother, and then one day he abandoned their family. During that time Mary also experienced being sexually abused by one of her relatives. This goes hand in hand with the two little girls’, Lisa and Nicole, who Ludacris sings about in his song. Both Ludacris and Mary J Blige have immense creditability in singing these lyrics because they have either dealt with the social issue of abuse or have had close friends go through it. People who hear this song and know of the singers would say that the both
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