Halliburton's Army: How a Well-Connected Texas Oil Company

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Kameron Caggan Professor Gámez Government 2306-005 Feb 27, 2012 Halliburton's Army: How a well-connected Texas Oil Company Revolutionized the Way America Makes War What is the writer of the book trying to communicate? In Halliburton's Army, author Pratap Chatterjee details the actions of the oilfield service company known as Halliburton. In this book, the origin of the company is explained and the current implications regarding its operations are addressed. Investigative Reporter Pratap Chatterjee brings to light the concept of “military transformation” where private companies are increasingly supporting the operations of the United States Military. In the example of Halliburton, the author accounts the many ways that the military is aided such as equipment, food, logistics, construction, etc. Of course, this outsource contracting comes at a cost to the military. Chatterjee tries to convey in his book that this cost is much too high. Throughout “Haliburton's Army,” many examples of greed and corruption are cited. By displaying this collection of extensive research, the author hopes to communicate to the reader that the efforts of Halliburton are deleterious in a multitude of ways, and that its contract with the military needs to be stopped. Granted, with the help from Halliburton, the military enjoys some luxury of not having to directly provide essential needs for the soldiers. However, this book outlines the management corruption and overall excessive costs of contracting with Halliburton. Also in his book, Pratap Chatterjee discusses the relevance of the Global War on Terror and how it interrelates with the operations of Halliburton. In the last 20 years, Halliburton has been heavily involved in helping the military. The author goes into detail regarding the history of the company's corporate corruption and how “Halliburton's army” came to be

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