Conflict Changes People-To Kill a Mocking Bird

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Jem and Scout are both children of a passionate lawyer, Atticus Finch. The children are exposed to experiences that shape their right and wrong. Both kids have their own ways of dealing with the wrongs and both end up with 2 different conclusions on how the human race behaves. Jem and Scout are exposed to life changing experiences at a very young age. One experience is with Boo Radley who was the mysterious man who never leaved his house, and they always thought he was evil and they were all afraid of him, but then he saved them from being attacked but during the attack Jem was knocked out could so he never saw who saved them but Scout did. That is when she knew that they were wrong that Boo Radley didn’t stay in his house because he is evil but stayed in because the world was evil and he did not want to be a part of it. Jem was also exposed to a life changing event and that is the Tom Robinson trail. In the trail he learns how mean a race can be to another race, to Jem after Atticus presented the evidence to the Jury it seemed like Tom would have won for sure but he didn’t really know about the racism that happens and was shocked when he was proven guilty. Both the children went through a hard childhood with discrimination a big part of their life’s and just a regular day could have had a life altering change. When Jem and Scout get something wrong thrown in front of them like discrimination, hate, violence they both have their own ways to deal with these conflicts which say a lot about their personality and character. Scout likes to get down and dirty when she tries to solve something because she gets into a lot of fights at school and she doesn’t see anything wrong with that, and she isn’t afraid to tell the obvious when she is in a conflict. This shows Scout is a very independent person and can defend herself for the most part. Jem on the other hand likes

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