Naturally Violent In Ralph Ellison's A Party Down At The Square

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Naturally Violent “People are Violent because they are born that way.” Modern writers often speak of people native to violence. Although these three stories disproves that mankind is born evil, in Ralph Ellison’s “A Party Down at the Square” says the white narrator does not like the racism but will approve of it because his family and the environment revolved around him is indeed racist. “Invisible Man” also by Ralph Ellison, the Invisible man was always seeing the bright side of everything but as he grew older nobody noticed him so he turned evil, he understood that no one will ever see him the way he wants to be seen. “The Destructors” By Graham Greene, this also disproves the statement of all mankind are born evil because it shows…show more content…
For example, while the white narrator is at the “Party” of lynching a black man, “I wanted to leave, but the folks were yelling and I couldn’t move except to look around and see that statue” (Ellison 3). This clearly shows that is no were near violent it was forced upon him to go to this “Party.” He wanted to leave because he wasn’t raised to be this way towards others. “The Invisible Man” disproves the statement of born violent also it is the environment that the person is in. For instance, the Invisible man states, “You ache with the need to convince yourself that you do exist in the real world, that you’re a part of all the sounds and anguish, and you strike out with your fists, you curse and swear to make them recognize you” (Ellison 3). This quote defiantly shows that people are not born violent. The Invisible man clearly wants people to not ignore him that is why he is so mean, just to get attention. “The Destructors” also disproves that people are born violent. For example, “T was giving orders with decision: it was as though this plan had been with him all his life, pondered through the seasons” (Graham Greene 13). This shows that ‘T’ bosses the kids around cause he was giving “orders” about how he wanted stuff done. Although he is a kid his self, T is very manipulative and destructive because of his environment he lives

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