Andy On Violence

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Essay on Violence At the time, a 15-year-old boy called Charles Andrew Williams, Andy for short, he recently moved to Santee, California, a suburb with around 58.000 inhabitants. Being a child of divorce he moved there with his father. A fellow student described him as being a “good Christian boy” from rural Maryland. His parents neglected Andy, his father did not seem to care for him, and he rarely saw his mother. They divorced when he was 5, and things were not well at home. Other kids bullied him, even his own friends taunted him, but he just ignored it, he kept to himself and dealt with his problems alone. His friends described him as being a “follower” and someone you could easily manipulate. Andy started hanging out with a different group people, amongst many groups around the neighborhood, like…show more content…
It could be a correlation to the fact that Andy did warn his friends about the shooting, if this was a cry for attention at first is unknown, but in the end, he was pushed to fulfill it. Furthermore, when glancing at the subheading, it displays the messages in all caps like someone were screaming them aloud. One could argue that these cries for attention could be the author trying to replicate Andy’s emotions. There were not one, but numerous reasons to why an incident like Andy’s could happen. One could be the absence of parents. Andy never had anyone to look up to, a role model during his childhood, the only exception being Chris Reynolds, which seemingly only resulted in turning things for the worse. The sentence “It’s only me” describes Andy’s situation very well, because even though he met Josh and Reynolds they, in the end, was guilty as to why Andy committed the school shooting. Josh tried to push the responsibility away from himself, but he was a part of what caused Andy to go over the edge, he pushed him and made him commit the shooting amongst many others. No one was ever there for him. Not even his parents bothered to show up court,
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