Condition Of Labor In 1900

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1865–1918, this period of time was crucial for the United States to become the nation that it is today. It was not until the year of 1865 that the United States began to work to become a world power nation. Even though the United States became a power nation right after this period of time, many events occurred before this happened. U.S. government was trying to do anything they could in order to stay ahead from other countries, many of the actions taken by the government brought bad consequences for its citizens. One of the most affected area was the working class. Laborers were affected by government's decisions. How did workers live during that time live? How did they react to show their unconformity against the government? and How could it be compared to our days? After the civil war the United States became a more powerful nation and united, but this was only the first step to become an industrialized country and a world leader. In order to become an industrialized country they needed to work as much as they could, a lot of laborers left their agriculture jobs to start working in factories. Unfortunately the conditions of labor were not good for the most part of workers. In 1877 the United States began to build a railroad that was going to go from coast to coast. A lot of human labor was needed in order to achieve this goal, many workers began to work for the government since the government was the one funding this project. Many workers at this period of time began to complain about their conditions of life and labor. Government paid them not a fair wage, and obligated them to work more than 10 hours per day. Too many workers were injured with the new machinery because a lot of them did not have the proper training to operate those type of equipments. "I consider machinery an injury rather than a benefit to humanity" a Harness-Maker mentioned. In
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