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On Friday November 19, I attended the Bach “Sweets” concert, performed by the UCLA Cello Studio. The musical group was made up of five cellists, and it was directed by Antonio List. Each cellist played a piece, one at a time. So, the concert consisted of five pieces all together. Three of the performers played a Bach suite, and the other two performers played a contemporary suite. Even though the performance was based around Bach, they wanted to add some variety so they played some pieces that were not written by Bach. Personally, I liked to hear the pieces that were not composed by Bach, because I was able to compare the newer music to Bach’s music. The concert was held in the Rotunda. I thought the Rotunda was a very small place to have a concert. There were not enough seats for everyone who attended, so lots of people had to stand. I got a seat towards the back row, and I was not able to see the performers while they were playing, because there were so many people in front of me. However, I can understand why that location was chosen. The acoustics were amazing. The cello sounded extremely rich and amplified. But then again, all five cellists were very skilled players. So, I don’t think they needed the Rotunda in order to sound good. All five cellists were able to keep a full, steady sound throughout their whole piece. Also, they all used a subtle vibrato. I really liked their timbre, and they were very soothing to listen to. Furthermore, all five performers were able to move their fingers extremely fast. At times, they were jumping from note, to note, to note. So, I can tell that they have practiced a lot, and they have been trained very well. However, I did not like the pieces that they chose to perform. I felt like all of the pieces were dry; they were not very exciting to listen to. The first performer, Jonathan Thomson, performed Bach’s Suite No. 2 in D

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