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Jillian Kleemann Extra Credit Jazz 121 Professor Arthur Falbush Yesterday I attended the jazz concert that was held in the music building at 7:00 at night. I’m really not a big fan of jazz music, but I always love music live, because frankly that’s the best type of music to listen to since it’s so real. However when I went, I was very impressed with how much I really enjoyed it. The students who performed in the show were about my age so very talented. I really enjoyed the second group of students where Professor Falbush instructed. I found it so interesting that he did not stand in front of them the entire time and conducted, instead he was walking around the room and mostly letting the students work together on their own. That’s when…show more content…
I also really enjoyed when the two guys would beep bop while they were playing. The two would sing notes and it really worked very well together. Another part that was my favorite was the female student who did a cover of Bob Marley. First Bob Marley is not jazz at all, and rather just reggae. So I was very interested in hearing how they were going to prepare for this. And just like the entire show, I was very moved. The girl hit the perfect notes, and had a very sincere clam soothing voice. The song was enjoying to listen, and was very interesting how that song that was complete different genre could be made into a jazz song. I always loved and had a fascination for the trumpets, even though I cannot play; I always found it the best. I really enjoy Ska music, which is a band of people with all types of instruments including the trumpet. I kept my eyes on them most of the time, and I really enjoyed when they were the loudest out of all the instruments because they outshined the other ones. The only instrument that I’ve had experience with is the piano. I’ve played that for about 6-7 years and quit when I was around the age of 16, so whenever I would hear the piano I tried to understand what notes they would play. I also have done chorus throughout middle school and high school, so I can read music and sight see very well. That’s why I really enjoyed the girl who sang the Bob Marley song, because she really

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