Colbie Collibet And Gavin Degraw Concert Analysis

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Colbie Caillat On Aug. 21, 2012 I had went to Colbie Collibet and Gavin Degraw concert at the antelope valley fairgrounds. It was my first time seeing these two artists and they did not disappoint me at all. I love going to shows where the co-headliners or main interact with not only the audience but with each other's performance. Colbie’s voice was sweet and sensual that it makes me want my hubby to be at the show with me! Her songs make me want to fall in love and to be loved all at the same time. She's really fantastic! Caillat kicked things off in her relaxed way, strumming a guitar as she sang her breeziest, beach tune, “Fallin’ For You.” The amazing singer wore a sea foam and teal greenish outfit; with her skirt blowing around so gentle that it went…show more content…
Colbie is amazing singer with a great personality. The concert was pack with just about every seat filled. The reaction of the audience was an amazing, we all were singing and dancing to her songs. The audience stood up and swayed their arms to the sound of “Chariot,” and went crazy for Gavin DeGraw’s latest single; the No. 1 hit “Not Over You,” especially when Colbie Caillat came back out to the stage to do the duet with Gavin Degraw. It was a great way to end a perfect show. I was really glad that I attended her concert. The songs that Colbie was singing, Fallin’ for You; The Little Things; Begin Again; Realize; I Do; Let’s Make It Rain; Shadow; Lucky (with Andy Grammer); What If; I Never Told You; Favorite Song; I Won’t; Brighter Than the Sun; and Bubbly. My all-time favorite song from Colbie is Bubbly. That song had me dancing and singing with her. What I did notice Colbie isn’t a dancer she is more a guitar player. I love the fact that Colbie does know how to play the guitar. It’s amazing how the artist can play and sing at the same time. The lighting was

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