Computer Information System Brief: Kudler Fine Foods Organization

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Running head: COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEM BRIEF Computer Information System Brief Denise Mai University Of Phoenix ACC 542 Accounting Information Systems Instructor: Kevin J. McFarlane Date 06/01/2009 Computer Information System Brief Kudler Fine Foods Organization is one of the best gourmet grocery stores in California, provides variety of refreshment wines, exotic herbs and spices, seafood, modern European style baked goods. With three different locations in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas, Kudler Fines Foods has properly invested and managed their computer system for business purposes. However, to improve the company’s computer system, the following are my evaluation of its current hardware and software…show more content…
Kudler’s intranet site states that Kudler’s management has been successful in monitoring the company’s activities through different finance and accounting financial modules. For examples, POS module is used to “capture and reports all retail sales in details” (POS procedures, Kudler intranet site), and all data have been transmitted directly to GL accounts, the Electronic Payment Clearing House, and the company purchasing control. This method means that not only electronic payment methods are accepted but also vendors, orders, and inventory are updated timely. Moreover, by collating data from GL, AP, AR and POS modules, central management and department managers are able to analyze each store real-time inventory and “forecast to extrapolate past data into future projections” (Supply chain Overview, Kudler intranet site). The software is capable of accounting for the impact of sales and accounting activities, also helps increase the company’s processing…show more content…
Another strength is the adequate system for the job. All of the computers are fairly up-to-date in addition to the regular maintenance by the professional. On the other hand, with the current system, Kudler can have a truly integrated system from point of sales to report analysis. Moreover, intrusion (hacking), spyware and virus are all great harms to any computer system. At the current state, Kudler’s computer system is lacking of proper security measures to prevent these harms. Lastly, proper backup solution should always be a priority for any computer

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