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Computer Effect on Children Essay

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Below is an essay on "Computer Effect on Children" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


In today's, modern, swift, technologically developed world, computer is not merely a advanced device, but has become a staple of everyone's life. No Matter whether the task is personal, professional or academic, achieving it with great perfection without being reliant on computer is inevitable. Yes, I would content that the use of computer at an early age would have far more, better, colossal benefits than its detrimental effects. In the below mentioned paragraphs, lets focus on the pristine benefits and advantages of using computer from an early age. The current education system induces a great amount of mental pressure on the students. Indulging computer and internet with the studies could make the curriculum more interactive and interesting. Learning vast syllabus and diverse topics in different areas can often force a student to opt for rote learning without putting stress on their brain, such method further lead to strait-jacket the children's cognitive skills. In contrast, use of computers and internet for exploring such topics will help in achieving an in-depth knowledge and understanding the topics from its roots. It can further stemmed to make them a good abstract thinker as well. It is also worthy to galvanize the use of computer for children's leisure activities during their free time. There are galore strategic related computer games available in the market. Playing such games are a good way of increasing concentration level, boosting self-confidence and improving the thinking capability. These days, every single job openings comes up with a requirement of mandatory computer knowledge with hands-on on the rudiments of computer skills. Having one explored to such skills in early age would apparently prepare them for their professional lucrative jobs. But one should also not avoid the detrimental affects on health by using computers continuously for extended hours. Guidance of parents and...

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