Competative Sports Essay

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Competitive Sports A competitive sport is any sport that players go against each other for a prize or for winning. Some examples of competitive sports are basketball, baseball, football, hockey and rugby. Parents need to understand that competitive sports aren’t so dangerous and the children actually are learning something new. When playing competitive sports children are adding to their personalities, confidence, and their feelings. When kids play competitive sports parent get a chance to learn more their child. In the beginning, It may seem like your child is just goofing around but that is not true. The children are learning the art of sportsmanship, getting healthy and they are getting rid of their stress. All of these things make competitive sports good for children. Earlier I was against competitive sports because they take away time from studying, reading and school work. A break from work might be okay because when children play competitive sports they are becoming healthier. This is really important when trying to fight obesity and keeping other kids from teasing them about their weight. In Jodi Murphy ‘s article she writes “ in order to be a competitive athlete your player needs to be in top shape”. Being healthy helps your body to work the right way. If you want your child to exercise in a fun way maybe you should let them play competitive sports. Whenever I play competitive sports I know each time I play my body is getting stronger, bigger and healthier. The art of sportsmanship is very important, competitive sports help them learn just that. Sportsmanship is making friends even if you lose. Sportsmanship is being able to lose without being angry and a sore loser. Poor sportsmanship can make children have bad relationships with other children, sometimes coaches. When learning the art of sportsmanship children might be angry at first, but
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